Meet the Team

Still Life Team-1

Nick has worked at Still Life since 2017 as a Support Staff, running the front end operations and aiding with floats.

Nick Belcaster

Support Staff
Still Life Team-12

Lara incorporates Trigger Point and Neuromuscular Therapy into her nurturing massage.

Lara Hart

Massage Therapist – MA60609970
Still Life Team-7

Tess specializes in Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage, with focus on chronic and acute pain.

Tess Hustead

Massage Therapist – MA60299923
Still Life Team-66

Janel uses a nurturing touch, with a special connection to mamas and soon-to-be mamas.

Janel Kollmar

Massage Therapist – MA00022973
Still Life Team-14

Matthew’s calm demeanor, and nurturing personality will greet you at the door and help guide you on your float journey.

Matthew Koscica

Float Specialist

Uma is bursting with joy and enthusiasm and is here to share her love of floating with her community.

Uma Lucek-Morris

Support Staff

Sondra uses Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release to treat her client's acute and chronic pain.

Sondra Matara

Massage Therapist - MA60583075
Still Life Team-5

Yvonne specializes in Cupping, Deep Tissue Massage, and injury treatment.

Yvonne Newgard

Massage Therapist – MA00023012

Erika brings 20+ years of experience and treats her clients with a firm and connected touch.

Erika Rado

Massage Therapist - MA00005222

Audrey is ready to greet you with her sweet smile.

Audrey Roberts

Support Staff

Ashley uses deep tissue and trigger point therapy when working with her clients.

Ashley Rosen

Massage Therapist - MA6055471
Still Life Team-10

Richard uses Deep Tissue massage with a deeply relaxing approach.

Richard Secrist

Massage Therapist – MA60530977

Andreas uses clinical knowledge and relaxing skills to treat his clients.

Andreas Weinrich

Massage Therapist - MA60496647

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Shannon and Tim Fuller

Owners of Still Life, dedicated to your wellbeing.

Shannon and Tim Fuller

Owners of Still Life Massage and Float