Floating by Matt LeGrand

Floating by Matt LeGrand

Starting in early childhood we are taught to occupy our time and our minds.  We soon begin to believe an idle mind is a wasted mind. We then fill up our brains with tasks and goals to achieve. Before long our minds become overloaded with “voices” telling us where we need to go when we need to be there, and how much we should have once we arrive.  Luckily as children, we are still encouraged to use our imagination and stare at the clouds. It’s in that wandering mind that we reach new levels of understanding.

As adults, idle time is even more scarce. We are bombarded with our daily life of flashing lights, loud noises, and unwarranted opinions.  These come from the outside but eventually make their way into our inner dialogue. Our minds become scattered and frantic but we live in this state for so long that we don’t know any other mindset.

From time to time we need to turn this chatter off. We need to reach that deeper part of ourselves that is who we truly are and not who we perceive ourselves to be.  Meditation, being in nature, and yoga can help reach that state.

Another way is floating in a float tank. You are literally blocking out all stimulus. Cutting off the food source of a frantic mind.  Once the mind begins to slow down, a deeper self-emerges. One that is not concerned with when, why, and how. You are simply existing in the moment.

Physically, floating is a peaceful experience. It may take a second to adjust to the new environment but once you do, it is very relaxing.  It feels as though your whole body is weightless. You feel yourself stretch out physically and mentally. Your pupils open completely to the darkness. We rarely get to experience this complete darkness. Even at night, we are still bombarded with various blinking lights and noises.  However, this is a darkness that is relaxing and inviting. Once I experienced it I began to crave it.

Upon waking I usually feel very relaxed and refreshed. Energized in a peaceful way. Colors seem a little more vibrant and food tastes better.  The chatter has been turned down and all of my perceived problems seem a lot less daunting.

Thanks for the opportunity to share something that I am passionate about.

– Matt LeGrand, Frequent Floater at Still Life Massage and Float