Sondra Matara

With one foot firmly rooted in the clinical application of evidence-based massage techniques, and the other in the emerging understanding of the latest in mind-body research, I come to each session with an approach that finds the intersection of these two realms. With the physical body, I utilize deep tissue and myofascial release skills to work with the fascia, connective tissues, and muscle layers to release and unwind layers of restriction and tension. This work affects the nervous system, which for so many of us spends too much time in a hyperactive state of “fight or flight.” Whether caused by trauma from accident or injury, daily life stress, or ongoing conditions such as depression and anxiety, my intent is to provide a place of grounding and profound release through intuitive touch. Ultimately, this creates the conditions for the body to move towards a place of healing and homeostasis, creating long-lasting effects.

In addition to my training as a massage therapist, I am also a certified yoga instructor and a student of yoga for over a decade. This background informs both my understanding of how bodies move and experience the world, but also my approach to integrative healthcare. When not at the massage table or yoga mat, you can find me on a hiking trail with my husband and beagle, road tripping around the country, or catching a play at a nearby theatre.

Sondra Matara, LMT

Sondra Matara, LMT

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