Jamie Emmons

I received my Massage Therapy License from the Milwaukee School of Massage Therapy in my home state of Wisconsin in 2015.
After practicing Massage for 2 years in Milwaukee, I left to adventure around the states to broaden my horizons and find my long-term community. (AKA Bellingham! Yay!)
My intuition guided me to learn the Art of Healing after being Healed by Art. I have always been naturally drawn toward the realms of improvisational expression in dance and textural 2- & 3-dimensional creations. Which has been transmuted into my massage practice, by designing a customized method of treatment that incorporates thorough Deep Tissue with Rhythmic Relaxation.
By feeling my way through a process with an open heart, I witness consistent progression in my fields of interest. I feel guided by the optimism of helping others heal and fueled with the curiosity about how our vessels function and reflect our lives.
In my free time, I love to write and read up on the field of New Science. I seek out Live Painting at festivals & conscious events. Ecstatic dancing everywhere!
And more recently promoting my sewing adventures, which involves custom patchwork designs on clothing… Or tattooing clothes with recycled fabrics.
And last but not least… playing life with my loving partner Arthur and our big fluffy blonde dog, DoDo.
Jamie Emmons, LMT

Jamie Emmons, LMT

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