Medical Massage

What is Medical Massage?

Though this sounds incredibly clinical, it actually incorporates many different modalities which can include treatments that can cause deep relaxation as well as healing. What medical massage means to us, at Still Life Massage and Float, is focused, specific muscle treatment work that has goal centered outcomes. We assess posture, body movement and joint use, as well as muscle rigidity and laxity.

Through the pre-massage assessment, we can begin to formulate a treatment plan before the client ever gets on the table. During hands-on table time, we can re-evaluate the plan and put into effect modalities that accommodate each client’s needs.

After the treatment, the therapist can again assess posture and mobility to test the work that was just completed. Did the client increase Range of Motion? Does the client stand in a more balanced posture? Is there ease of previous discomfort? These observations will then be noted on the client’s chart to maintain the treatment plan for future visits and to strengthen correspondence with their physicians.

Benefits of Medical Massage

All in all, Medical Massage is a treatment modality that is effective in treating physical symptoms while supporting emotional health.

Medical Massage Reviews

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