Important Update about Health Insurance at Still Life

Important Update about Health Insurance at Still Life








During this forced business closure, we have had time to reflect on our mission statement: “To hold a space of stillness where practitioners can use intuition and clinical knowledge to facilitate healing acute and chronic conditions, and where clients feel safe and calm, reaching a deeper sense of relaxation and self-healing.” We are proud of the space we have created, the therapists we employ, and the wonderful clients that have enjoyed what we have to offer. We plan to be a part of the Bellingham business community for years to come and so we must make some changes to keep our business viable.

When we reopen our business, we will no longer accept medical health insurance to cover massage therapy. Health insurance companies have become increasingly difficult to navigate and have required more administrative time, with decreased reimbursements, than is sustainable for our business. We understand that insurance-based care is necessary to some of our clients and if you need help with a referral, please let us know. If you choose to stay with us and pay out of pocket, we are happy to provide receipts that you can submit directly to your insurance company to seek reimbursement.

For now, we will continue to bill automotive insurance and Labor and Industry, so if you or someone you know has been in an auto accident or had an on-the-job injury, know that you can still use those insurance benefits at Still Life.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. We appreciate your business and look forward to our continued relationship.

Shannon and Tim Fuller


If I pay out of pocket for massage, can I get reimbursed from my insurance company?  Every insurance company is different so please call your insurance company for your specific answer but we can supply a Superbill if that is what is required.

I was in a car accident, will you bill my auto insurance for massage?  Yes, we will continue to bill your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claim for massage.

I was injured at work, can I come to you for massage?  Yes, we will continue to bill Labor and Industries for massage.