Celebrity Float Reviews

Joe Rogan – Podcaster, comedian, and UFC announcer

I think it’s one of the most incredible pieces of equipment for self-help and introspective thought that you could ever find. It’s been one of the most important tools for me in personal growth for understanding myself, how I am, and what effect I do have on other people.”

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Stephen Curry – Golden State Warrior

It’s an opportunity to relax, for one. And it obviously has some physical benefits as well, with [the magnesium in] the salt, being able to relax those sore muscles. But to get away from the demands and all the stimuli we have in the world and in our lives, that was the main draw. When I get in the tank, I lean back, try to take a couple of deep breaths, ground myself and commence the floating. Then it’s just me and my thoughts for an hour, playing Russian roulette of the mind…I kind of see where my mind goes because usually that’s something I’ve been thinking about, or a decision I might need to make in my life. It’s refreshing to process what I thought about over an hour of floating, which are probably the most important things that are going on right now in your life. I have a very clear head when it’s done, and it shows in the days after floating. It gives me a nice boost of focus and perspective. The more I do it, the more I get from it.”

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Jeff Bridges –  Actor

Actor Jeff Bridges was friends with John C. Lilly, the inventor of the float tank, and may be the very first celebrity floater!

The whole idea of the isolation tank is to see what happens to consciousness when you take away or eliminate the input into your senses, so you’re in a box floating in salt water – with 1,000lbs of salt, so you’re very buoyant. You can’t see anything, your ears are under water, and you can’t hear anything. And what does the mind do? It’s so active, and it’s constantly projecting, like a movie screen.”

Anthony Bourdain – Chef and television host

An hour in the tank and I’d come out relaxed, rested, my back feeling amazing, and in good shape to interact with normal, non-restaurant people. Interestingly, I found that for a day or two after floating, my experience of colors and flavors would be much more acute and intense. Reds were redder, blues brighter, and the taste of food more explosive. Lying in the tank, I’d feel like I was moving through space, my brain speaking to itself in an unfamiliar language.”

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Rachel Hunter – Supermodel

WOW! It took a few seconds to completely let my arms, legs and head relax in the water but then the weightlessness took over. It was a bizarrely delightful experience. A great form of meditation. I felt calm & peaceful, yet energized…”

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Kristin Wiig – Actress

The water’s the temperature of your body so you kind of really just feel nothing. And I was in there for an hour and 45 minutes. I didn’t realize I was in there that long…you come out and everything’s great…it lasts for a while, and your skin feels really good. I did it again.”

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Adam Gemili – British sprinter

I’ve also been ‘floating’ for the last year. You’re in a completely dark float tank and it takes away your senses. It helps kill all the crap out of my brain and keeps my mind and body relaxed.”

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Russel Brand – Actor

It’s quite nice, like being in the belly of a whale…a cyber whale…it was really lovely.”

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Tim Ferriss – Best selling author

I found it to be one of the most anxiety reducing experiences I’ve ever had.”

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Tom Watson – UFC Fighter

For me, with so much always going on, I find it difficult to visualize,” he said, “but lying in the tank there are no distractions. You’re not even distracted by the concept of time. So when I’m in there, I don’t even imagine my opponent, because that’s another distraction—I just picture myself running through techniques, or sequences, and I’ve already noticed results.”

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